Halloween Trailer: It’s Here And It’s Terrifying

The highly-anticipated trailer to the highly-anticipated Halloween (2018) has arrived, and it’s as terrifying as any Michael Myers movie should be.

You can check it out below if you haven’t already seen it, but this post is all about discussing the trailer. So let’s get to it.

First of all, I love that it shows us that the movie not overly-stylized. I’m glad it’s not dirty and gritty like the Rob Zombie remakes. Halloween was never a white trash movie, so I’m glad that’s a thing of the past. Let’s also celebrate, that Michael Myers is being given to us in his original “The Shape” glory. From what we see, it’s as if the same Michael that walked off that balcony in 1978 has gotten up and walked back onto our screens.

As if you couldn’t tell already, I’m excited and very impressed.

I also love how creepy it is when we first see Michael in the trailer. He’s chained to an open area along with some other seemingly maniac people. And when he’s shown that iconic mask, we get a stirring from him that shows us the nightmare definitely isn’t over.

Other things I love are that we see Laurie Strode’s scar on her arm and the kids squash that part of the story the original sequel set up. “Wasn’t her brother who murdered all those babysitters?” a guy asks Laurie’s granddaughter about her grandmother. “No, it was not her brother,” she replies. “That was something that people made up.”

And then we see that he has escaped and makes his way back to Haddonfield.

We also see that there are some nods to the movies we’re being asked to forget about. For example, Michael is walking the streets and running into kids, just l like Halloween II. And like Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, he steals his coveralls from a man he murdered in a garage. And then there’s the woman he attacks in the restroom, much like the scene from Halloween H2O. I appreciate that we are being given those nods.

But above all else, it’s just freaking scary and intense. I’m excited. I cannot wait for October 19. It’s definitely going to set the mood for a great Halloween season this year.


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