Brian De Palma’s ‘Predator’ A Weinstein-Inspired Horror Movie

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When I first heard that Carrie director Brian De Palma was going to be making a movie called Predator I thought, “well that’s kind of weird, is it a remake?” But then I looked closer and realized that it’s actually a new horror movie coming on the heels of the #MeToo movement and it’s actually inspired by embattled Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, according to Deadline.

There aren’t a lot more details on the movie, but during a book tour, De Palma told reporters that  he was working on “a horror film, with a sexual aggressor” and that it will take place “within the context of sexual harassment in Hollywood.” Deadline also reports that the Toronto Film Festival will be used as the movie’s backdrop. Filming for De Palma’s Predator is still a year out as other projects for one of the movie’s producers Ben Saïd will be keeping him busy for the next year.

I think it’s probably a good idea that the movie won’t even start filming for another year, and then you can add another year or so to that for post-production. I think a movie with this theme being rushed to the big screen would probably be a little too much too soon. Not that extra time will make anything better for any the victims, but it just would feel like it’s too soon otherwise. Especially considering the caliber of the Weinstein case. I’m sure De Palma will handle the subject matter well, and we can be sure that when the predator in the movie gets his in the end, we will all be satisfied.

Weinstein was arrested and arranged in May and was recently indicted by a New York grand jury following countless women who came forward with sexual misconduct claims against him last fall.


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